Calculate Your Projected ShareitEffect Monthly Results

Current Average # of Transactions
(On a monthly basis what is the average number of orders you process)
Average Order Value (AOV)
(Take the average amount earned divided by the number of transactions)
"Share it" Discount %
(What discount percentage amount do you want to give your customers for Sharing. Our solution will also allow you to select a dollar amount to give as a discount, but for this projected demo only a percentage is allowed)
ShareitEffect Service Fee
Cost of Discounts Given to Your Customers
Estimated Views and Impressions of Your Website
Estimated # of Shares
(The number of your customers that share your products on their social media)
Amount of New Traffic
(Premium Friend-to-Friend referral traffic from the "Share it" posts directly to the product page on your website)




*This is only a projected average result. Results may vary. *Most of our clients receive a 20% Discount on their ShareitEffect Service Fee, which means you could earn an even higher ROI.

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