How ShareItEffect Works

The average is 10%, but you are welcome to use any percentage or amount you believe will help motivate your customers to post on social media regarding the purchase they are making today.

The ShareitEffect has mastered the power of word-of-mouth advertising.  Here is a true story... Jackie shared a post on her social media about a pillow she bought and 45 of her followers ended up buying the same pillow - all within only a few hours. can help you have similar experiences with your online business. Envision your customers' sharing, on their personal social media, about the purchase they make on your website and eagerly recommending your business to their friends.

ShareitEffect will help you increase credibility, online visibility, and revenue by incentivizing your customers to recommend their online purchase to their friends. When a customer shares your brand, product, or service on social media, they get an immediate discount on the product or service they shared. This brings them instant value, plus more incentive to share their purchase with others.

Let’s say for example you have the PRO Plan. This plan includes up to 100 posts per month. If your customers share your products/service 100 times by the middle of your service period, our system will automatically turn the service off until your new monthly service period starts again.


You are welcome to upgrade your services at any time.

Great Question! Currently, we only integrate with Facebook, but this is subject to change at any time.  In the future, we may offer other platforms as an option to post to.

By adding some basic code to your website you will be able to empower your customers to share their purchases with their Facebook followers.

ShareitEffect will also allow you to offer your customers a small discount, once they post their purchase(s) on Facebook.

1. Your customers post to their social media followers

a. Your customers will be given a direct link (pop-up) to Facebook from your website. This post will automatically include a product image, a URL to your website, and an embedded link back to your website. It will also allow your customer the ability to write a comment about their purchase for their followers to see.

2. Once your customer clicks on "Post to Facebook" the Facebook pop-up goes away and the customer remains on your website. The customer will immediately receive another pop-up with the discount code that will go toward their current purchase. A copy of the discount code will also be emailed to the customer.

3. Your customer copies and pastes the discount code into their checkout and completes their purchase. That's it; that is the ShareitEffect.

Yes, our proprietary solution is equally as great for companies selling services as it is for companies that sell products.  Do you remember a service that someone suggested to you, like a good auto repair facility or a new software solution?  Businesses that offer only services can greatly benefit from our services at ShareitEffect.  In fact, we can help almost any online business (products, services, subscriptions, etc.)

Currently, we collect the following information. Your customer's name, the email address they use that is associated with their social media platform (this may or may not be different than the email address they use on your website), the URL of the product or service that they share on their social media.

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