If you purchased one plan and decide to upgrade to a higher plan, your new plan will receive a credit. Simply take the amount you’ve already paid minus the number of months you’ve already received ShareitEffect services.


For example:  If you purchased the BASIC plan in July for only $370 per year and two months later (September) you decide to upgrade to the PRO plan for only $570. ShareitEffect will only charge you $262 ($570 - $370 = $200 + the two months you were on the BASIC plan ($31*2=$62)).  Your annual renewal will be updated to the new month (September) the following year and going forward. If you happen to downgrade your plan, a prorated credit will be given.

We’re glad you like our service! If you upgrade to the annual plan - with its accompanying discount - your annual subscription will begin on the date of your new upgrade. If you decide to upgrade after you have already paid your monthly fee, the new upgraded price will begin the very next service period or next month.


For example:  If you are on the BASIC plan and are paying $37 per month, but would like the extra savings, you can upgrade to the annual BASIC plan for only $370 per year (getting two months for free).  If your initial purchase of the ShareitEffect services was on May 20 and now it is August 10 and you love our services and want to make the change to annual billing, you can move over on August 20 for only $370.  Your annual billing will begin on August 20 and will renew annually on August 20 in the following year(S).

Here at ShareitEffect, we drink our own Kool-aid. When you "Shareit" on social media you will receive an immediate and lifelong discount of 10% from ShareitEffect! This means as long as you keep our service, and pay your monthly or annual fee, you will receive a 10% off discount! This equates to huge savings year after year.  Our pricing model is already the best in the industry, but with a 10% discount, it makes our prices even that much better.

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