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Welcome to the #1 online marketing strategy! Harness the power of
word-of-mouth marketing! Increase credibility, online visibility, and revenue!

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Product Page & Discount Offered

From your Product Page, your customers
will be offered a discount to promote your
service or product on their personal
social media platform.


Your Customers Advertise For You

Your customers will be able to post and recommend your brand to their social media followers. The post will automatically include a product image, your website's URL, and an embedded link back to your website.

There is a real value when a trusted friend shares something with you. It is like they are stating: “I love it, you will too!” Organic word-of-mouth marketing has never been so sophisticated and engaging!

ShareitEffect Chain Reaction
ShareitEffect Chain Reaction ShareitEffect -  Visibility


Your Brand & Website Shared Exponentially

When customers choose to share your business
with their friends, you will reach significantly
more people! The magic is that your customers
will naturally influence their friends to buy
from you.

"88% of consumers placed the highest level of trust in word-of-mouth recommendations from people they know."
- Khalid Saleh, CEO and Founder of Invesp

ShareitEffect Chain Reaction ShareitEffect Chain Reaction

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